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2022-2023 PTA Committee Directory

President Tristan Reyes Close
Executive Vice President Kara Greer
Executive Secretary Lisa Anhalt
Executive Treasurer Jenny Dye
Financial Secretary Jenna Orzano
Parliamentarian Julie Chiaverini
Historian Emi Rigby
Auditor Jane Lee
VP, School Programs
Mission: Culture, Arts & STEAM Enrichment
Gina Harbour
Art Masters Margaret Sageser
Symphony Class Act Emily Chen
Reflections Art Contest Brandy Habermehl
School Play Laura White Vanessa Smith
Talent Show Kerstin Scmitt
After School Enrichment Gina Harbour
STEAM Night Jenna Orzano
6th Grade Graduation Anna Yu, Jennifer Seaton, Becky Porter
VP, Engagement & Appreciation
Mission: Parent-Teacher Engagement & Appreciation
Amina Albakri
Volunteer Awards (Honorary Service/Andersen Angels) Amina Albakri
New Families (Liaison, Crayons, Welcome Event) Jenny Dye
Teacher Appreciation Amina Albakri
Parent Speaker Series Kara Greer
VP, Ways & Means
Mission: Fundraising
Maija Wilson
Spiritwear Jenny Dye
Book Fair & Family Night Lauren Johnson Jennifer Krupoff
School Socials & Student Appreciation (food trucks, movie night, Incredible Kid Day, etc.) OPEN
Membership Liaison Maija Wison
Jogabunga Fundraising Event Kristin Leffel
Yearbook Coordinator Courtney Blackburn
VP, Communication & Administration
Mission: School Communication & Administration
Liz DeSousa
Big Friday (formerly Info Fair) Tristan Reyes Close Jenny Dye
Dolphin Dispatch/Toolkit Melanie Eggleston
Room Parent Liaison Liz DeSousa
Website Updates & Social Media Maija Wilson
Andersen Alumni/CDM Scholarship Jackie Hart
DEANs Liaison Jenna Orzano
VP, Advocacy & Outreach
Mission: Student Outreach Advocacy, Reflection & Community Building
Joanna Girard
Walk-to-School Day (October) Kara Greer Joanna Girard
Adopt-a-Room Gift Drive (Once Upon a Room) Kara Greer Joanna Girard
Community Service Projects Candace Quartararo Debbie Vali
Family Dance Shanda Pastor
Year-End Carnival OPEN

Andersen PTA Executive Board
Board Position Descriptions

President: Coordinate and oversee the work of the officers and PTA committees; also involved in organizing and coordinating some PTA events.

Executive Vice President: Assist President when needed and perform other such duties as may be delegated.

Executive Secretary: Attend and keep an accurate written record of the proceedings of all meetings of the PTA and the Executive Board in a bound book, which is the legal record of the PTA. Keep a list of action items for the Executive Board to follow up on at each meeting. Keep a current list of all paid PTA members. Organize Board meetings and send meeting notices.

Executive Treasurer: Responsible for maintaining financial records of the PTA. Assist in financial aspect of activities that involve revenue. Oversee the budget process, including paying all authorized bills and updating the Executive Board on PTA financials.

Financial Secretary: Deposit all monies received by the PTA, keep accurate records of all deposits. Prepare a monthly deposit report with a summary of all of the monthly deposits.

Parliamentarian: Offer advice on parliamentary procedures and PTA bylaws. Oversee bylaw revision process as necessary. Chairs the meetings of the nominating committee after helping to form the nominating committee.

Historian: Assemble and preserve records of activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the PTA.

Auditor: Audit the books and financial records of the PTA semi-annually. Prepare and present a mid-year and year-end written audit report to the Executive Board.

VP, School Programs (Mission: Culture, Arts, & STEAM Enrichment): Coordinate with and oversee the PTA committees that organize the following school programs that are sponsored by the PTA: Art Masters; Talent Show; Red Ribbon Celebration; 5th/6th Grade School Play; After School Enrichment; Reflections Art Contest; etc.

VP, Engagement & Appreciation (Mission: Parent and Teacher Engagement and Appreciation): Coordinate with and oversee the PTA committees that organize the following programs/events: Volunteer Awards; Teacher Appreciation Celebrations; New Family Ambassador Program; and Parent Speaker Series.

VP, Ways & Means (Mission: Fundraising): Oversee activities related to Andersen’s fundraising efforts, which involves coordinating the volunteer effort necessary to complete the fundraising activities & oversee the following PTA committees: Book Fair & Family Night; Jogabunga Event; Yearbook; Spiritwear; PTA Membership Drive; and Incredible Kid Day.

VP, Communications & Administration (Mission: School Communication & Administration): Coordinate with and oversee the PTA committees that organize and/or prepare the following: Big Friday; Dolphin Dispatch; Room Parent Liaison; Website Updates; Social Media/Instagram account; CDM Scholarship program; etc.

VP, Advocacy & Outreach (Mission: Student Outreach, Advocacy, & Reflection): Coordinate with and oversee the PTA committees that organize the following programs/events: Walk-to-School Day; Adopt-a-Room Gift Drive; Community Service Projects; Family Dance; Year-End Carnival; etc.

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